Cold-Weather Padded-Mask For Health & Safety

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Cold-Weather Padded-Mask For Health & Safety

[ 8 x 8” or 7" x 5.5" W/ elastic Ties ]

Our Cold-Weather Padded-Mask are ideal for the brisk days Jack Frost wants to nip your nose and catch your breath!  Made of a Thick double layer, organic cotton fleece paired with another layer made of cotton blends give is that desirable comfy warm feel. 

The masks come in Large: 8"wide x 8"deep or Small: 7"wide x 5.5"deep sizes. Its adjustable Elastic is made to fit around the head where it can be adjusted to fit different size heads.

These masks are made by the Esperanza Threads trainees, teachers, friends and relatives in their own homes during this Covid-19 Virus social distancing time.

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